Why Custom Bikes are the Next Big Thing?

According to Google, the standard definition of customisation is “the action of modifying something to suit a particular individual or task”. So, next time you spot something like ‘Royal Guyzz’ at the rear part of an SUV or Pulsar, spare yourself from calling it a work of customisation. The work of customisation has found its doors to Indian Market but still hasn’t got its fair share of popularity. So, our founder did some homework to get the insights and found this:

  1. Kunwar Customs: Rakesh Singh Rathore, the owner has invested time and cultivated his skills by working under many big names in the country like Rajputana Customs, Vardenchi Bikes etc. Located in the heart of the pink city, they don’t believe in working on some rough idea and rather execute the designs properly. The graph of their orders is increasing exponentially.


2. Rajputana Customs: One of the most popular Customisation hubs in Asia, they know how to maintain class and don’t believe in taking orders below than Bullet 350cc. The Rajasthani touch works just like icing on the cake.


3. Old Delhi Motorcycles:  As the name suggests, they mainly believe in restoring old bikes to give them the necessary glow. Bobbee Singh, the founder takes a bike, follows his heart and turns it into something magical.


4. Inline3 Customs: Graduated from MIT Pune in Designing, Aseem Singh Pawar started this business by first experimenting on his dad’s bike and it gave a fruitful result. He has also been approached by Royal Enfield and is currently working on one of their models.


5. Young Kid Customs: This ‘kid’ from Delhi started customisation just as a course of a hobby and hadn’t expected that one day, his facebook page would have more than 12k followers on FaceBook. He also takes orders from the official FaceBook page itself.


Phew!! So, next time you think of doing something Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to your bike, you probably know where to head to.


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