Why do I Love To Ride?

Your sexy pants might not be able to make her turn but the loud Vroom, Vroom of your bike will surely do it. But remember, this roar of the bike without a silencer is like listening to Rahul Gandhi continuously for the next half hour. When you are in college, the idea of getting good marks completely fades away. Instead, replaced by owning a larger-than-physique bike and a forceful beard. The main purpose of all of these things is to show SWAG (Not Secretly We Are Gay wala). As Zakir Khan said, “Life mein abhi apne ko izzat chahiye, wo priority hai abhi.” I, for the same reasons, tried to ride a bullet. But most of the times, it was the bullet that rode me. Every time while riding, my constant focus was to get the maximum number of attention from girls. But opposite to this, all of them gave that pitiful look like, “Iss bechare ko bachalo koi yar”. But determined in my own way, I never really cared for such thing which was a mistake. The thought of making the opposite sex sit on the back seat was what kept me in the full swing.

All of this was going well (atleast that’s what I thought) until that day came. I was on the road to the college and decided to pull off a stunt and that too in front of a group of ladies. As a result and due to the law of physics, I found myself thrashed in a divider after few minutes and all the same girls were like, “Bhaiya are you fine?” That day I pledged to shift to another Desh Ki Dhadkan Hero Splendor. After having such embarrassing moment, it was the thought of feeling that breeze on the cheeks while riding which never made me quit riding. Now, I am going to clean by red and black Splendor before leaving for college.



One thought on “Why do I Love To Ride?

  1. If it’s happiness it purely surreal. It can be felt only, otherwise the pointed fence over the divider takes the swag out of you. Well Moto Mate will assure that you find your true love for your bikes only!!
    You Find your Mate in Moto Mate😎


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